Brighton Dungeon-on-Sea



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The Kinky B&B

In the very heart of the most exciting seaside town in the country, hidden deep underground on the seafront, our Dungeon play space is a surprising luxurious venue for indulging yourself and your partner in a sensuous fantasy experience.

Whether just for a few hours or an entire naughty weekend away, everything you need in this completely self-contained space will be at your disposal.

Facilities include shower room and kitchenette, double bed, single futon,  and  a six seater leather corner sofa should you wish to invite spectators or guests. BDSM equipment includes: isolation cell, suspension harness, bondage bed, office secretarial bondage chair, pet cage, CP stools, bondage bench, shibari ropes, leather straps, hoods, gags, chains and cuffs and a variety of toys for your fun.

A range of options including breakfast and pre-bookings with local massage therapists, or lessons with pro-Dom/mes or slaves.

We have created this modern and relaxing, self-contained studio, to offer people the opportunity to indulge in sexual play in a safe, quiet and completely private environment. You will not be heard or disturbed! It is an environment where both those who are experienced in BDSM can play in privacy, and those who may be curious to try out new things can relax and have fun experimenting. BDSM activities include Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission and Sadomasochism. Often these terms sound extreme - but don't be put off! This is an opportunity to use the restraints, toys and furniture to explore your fantasies and maybe to push your boundaries.

You have also chosen to visit one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the UK, and Kemptown in particular is known for progressive attitudes and an open-minded approach to alternative lifestyles!